Full Circle

Fall, 2013, brought us challenges, two deaths in the family and another dear family member hospitalized and very much at risk.

Family member is recovering now, with excellent prospects of returning to a productive, creative life. 

The challenges have resulted in our former weaving studio turning into our domicile and vise-versa. Nine floor looms and countless baskets of yarn, sticks, reeds and whatnot went upstairs along with thirteen spinning wheels. And countless boxes of stuff, beds, comfy chairs, kitchen appliances, tables, computer and not a few books came downstairs. Essentially, we moved. No van, no long drive, but indeed, it was a move.

This was not a job for a handful of people. A great circle of friends gathered round our daughter (a.k.a. “tha boss”). Many hours were willingly given with smiles and laughs and a few evenings spent in song.
As we are rounding the corner of another month, many thoughts fill my mind. In an agricultural society, February was a hard month with frozen ground, grains, neps and tubers the regular fare at mealtime—a lean time. Mid-month we will celebrate our beloveds with red candy boxes, flowers and sometimes silly sentiments of renewed betrothal, hand holding and love. If you would, consider how our hearts touch one another.  Celebrate true friendship, the meaning of community and hold close your precious loves.