A Time to Share

The past few days have been devoted to tying up ends on the opus. 

The pages of the book, spread flat on large, double pages, arrived in a box, quickly ripped open like a childs’ birthday present.

Two years working on the book has taken its own rhythm, a series of measured steps, outline turning into paragraphs, paragraphs sprouting illustrations and photos. Each element of the job was divided, completed and carefully folded away, precious letters. Because the project was large, spread over so many months, it was really difficult to see it as a whole. A week ago, for the first time, I held the book in my hands. What a rush!

Frankly, I sat down immediately and paged through, like reading a restaurants’ menu tacked to the front window, looking at each page getting a sense for what was offered and was there something to bring me in. 

Well neigh enough! Forty-ish years ago, I would have jumped on this information, ready to hear more! But…whether or not there is worthwhile information inside the covers is something readers will decide for themselves. Actually, my purpose in writing this and the book is to disburse what I have learned, largely through doing. If the content saves you time, tears and trauma, then all is for the better.

Relieved and blessed that this opus is finished and wrapped in a beautiful package, my thanks go to the remarkable team at Interweave.